Where the fuck is Shingu port?

A story of Ainoshima, a Japanese cat island near Fukuoka

Me and Brian were traveling to Japan and wanted to check out a cat island while we were there. After some internet research, since we were traveling southwest across the country, we decided to go to Ainoshima Island, near Fukuoka. There are a couple blog posts describing how to get there, and while they were really helpful for the most part, there was one detail missing...


We couldn't find it on Google maps, and we had missed the bus. Finally after a solid half hour of searching, we figured out where it was. It's HERE. We were also pretty hungover, but it was legitimately hard to find. We decided we should help other people of the internet find this place so they too could enjoy the cat island, so we bought this domain and made a website!


A cool truck we saw on the way back